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“The Police will attend if my Alarm goes off, why should my Alarm be Monitored?”

There are many reasons why having your Alarm professionally Monitored is the right way to go. 1. Having your Alarm Monitored drops your insurance premiums, basically the money you save with your insurance pays for the monitoring. 2. The Police force are understaffed, we can guarantee our response rate is quick. We have had an incident where the Guard has contacted the Police in the event of a confirmed Glass Break, the Police told our Guard that the keyholder had to contact Police. Security were...

July 9, 2019

“I have been fine till now, why change?”

Crime statistics show that it is always only a matter of time before untouched businesses are hit. Winter is historically a high layoff period for unskilled labour which results in the increase of break in’s,property is stolen to help fund dependence....

March 8, 2019

“I have my system diverted to my cell phone. Why should I pay your Company?”

Two reasons:  1. Most owners leave town at some point, from a short trip to a beach holiday to a long overseas trip. They are often not in a position to respond, even if the cell phone coverage is good and the activation is successfully transmitted. Police seldom respond to Alarm Activations. 2. Most owners are also unaware of System Activations (Tampers, Power Loss, Low Batteries etc.). Our state of the art Monitoring System has power back up to run our station in the event of a power cut,...

January 16, 2019

“Monitoring is too expensive!”

$1.00 per day plus GST, less than 2 coffees per week. How much is your business worth?...

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