4 CH TVI / AHD 2.0 video input
• 4 CH 1080P / 1080P lite / 720P recording
• 4 CH DVR supports 1 CH IPC 1080P / 960P / 720P
recording supports 1 CH 1080P / 960P / 720P recording
• Adopt standard H.264 high profile compression format to
get high-quality video at much lower bit rate
• Intuitive and user-friendly Graphics User Interface ( GUI ),
window style operation by mouse
• Multi-mode recording: manual / timer / motion / sensor
• Playback : 4 simultaneously playback
• Search: time / calendar, events ( alarm, motion )
• Express and flexible backup via USB and network
• Pentaplex: preview, record, playback, backup and remote
• DHCP, DDNS, PPPoE network protocol, IE browse and
CMS supported
• Remote control via IE or CMS : preview, playback, backup,
PTZ and configuration
• Dual stream technology to encode recording stream and
network stream respectively; network stream can be
adjustable to fit bandwidth without changing recording
• Multi-user online simultaneously
• Authorization management, log review and device status
• HDMI 1080P output, true high resolution display
• Support PTZ preset and auto cruise, up to 128 presets and
8 cruises
• Powerful smart phone surveillance supporting iPhone,
• Support NAT funtion, support QR code scanning by mobile
• Complete SDK software available, easy to integrate with
other applications

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