Dahua Thermal Kit with NVR, tripods, black body




The Dahua Human Body Temperature Monitoring solution offers the
latest hybrid thermal network camera that combines a Vanadium Oxide
(VOx) sensor with a 2 MP visible-light sensor. The solution also
provides a blackbody calibration device that maintains a constant
temperature as a reference point for the thermal camera. The thermal
camera coupled with the blackbody calibration device delivers a
contactless solution for continuous, contactless, and non-invasive
temperature monitoring.

Human Body Temperature Measuring technology assists in preventing the
spread of viral diseases by allowing for quick, accurate detection of
elevated body temperatures. Thermal imaging equipment can easily be
installed and implemented to detect elevated body temperature in
environments such as airports, hospitals, clinics, office buildings,
cruise ships, and any large public gathering location.

Uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) Technology

Dahua thermal cameras use an uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) sensor
that delivers higher thermal sensitivity in a more compact and
cost-effective package. Vanadium Oxide cameras are also more reliable,
as compared to other thermal imaging technologies, due to less moving

High Thermal Sensitivity

The VOx detector offers high thermal sensitivity (≤ 50 mK) that
allows Dahua thermal cameras to distinguish objects in a scene with
minimal temperature differences. The camera captures detailed images
where thermal contrast between object and background is minimal.

Smart Alarm

The camera is equipped with a white-light illuminator and an external
speaker that can be triggered when the camera detects an abnormal event
either via the thermal or the visible-light sensor. The camera also
takes a snapshot of the scene and can record the snapshot.

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